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Notification: our Automated Phone Banking System (Plaza's Automated Teller, a.k.a. PAT) has been discontinued.  We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Online Banking as an alternative for anytime access, please call 252-4200.  Thank you!


Lost or Stolen Credit & Debit Card questions during non-bank hours?

Debit & ATM (MasterCard) Questions: 1-800-264-5578

Consumer Credit Card (Visa) Questions: 1-800-883-0131

Business Credit Card (Visa) Questions: 1-800-423-7503


Make Payments: You can utilize Plaza Park Bank's FREE Bill Pay by logging in to Online Banking now!  If you'd like to review your Plaza Park Bank Credit Card or Mortgage statements online, please use the following links:

ATM Locator:  enter your zip code on the MoneyPass website, or download the MoneyPass ATM Locater app on your iPhone or Android.



Business Loans

Growing a business takes intention and an investment. At Plaza Park Bank, we help businesses of all sizes gain the capital they need to take their organization to the next level. Our experienced team of loan professionals work with you to identify a lending solution that suits your needs.

  • Real Estate Loans
  • Construction Loans 
  • Equipment Loans
  • Business Lines of Credit
  • Small Business Loans

We’re flexible and focused on building a lasting relationship with your business. As an Independent Community Bank, we review your credit score and history and then make a decision based on your situation, not on a set of criteria established at a distant corporate office. 

Contact our Commercial Lenders today for more information!

Jim Schleper                                                                       Jacki Templin
Exec. Dir. of Commercial Lending                                   Commercial Lender
320-257-3305                                                                      320-257-3309
jschleper (at) plazapark (dot) com                                   jtemplin (at) plazapark (dot) com
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