Outside the Box: What it Means to be Nimble

Bill EickhoffFamily Finance, Personal Finance

If you’ve heard our radio ads, visited our website or come into one of our bank branches, you may have heard us talk about being nimble. But, what does that really mean? Can a bank really be nimble? We think so.

By definition, nimble means being quick and light in motion; marked by quick, alert, clever conception, comprehension or resourcefulness.

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The 30 day “No Spend” Challenge

adminFamily Finance, Personal Finance

Could you go 30 days without shopping*?  No stores, no online shopping, no movies or toys or going out to eat.  In fact, no money spent other than bills and gas?  We know of a family who did this last year and saved over $500 that month! They made meals with that they had in their cupboards and freezer (and … Read More