Family Savings DREAM Board

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Kids are visual and they stay excited longer about a goal when they have a visual reminder. Heck, if we’re honest, adults stay better motivated with a visual reminder as well! Create a Family Savings DREAM Board together! (Some of you have already started a version of this on your Pinterest boards 🙂

It will create great conversation between you and your kids about your family’s savings goals and is a fun family activity! You can approach this in a few different ways. You could give each member of the family their “corner” of the posterboard and let them dream on their own and then have the center be your overall family goal. Another idea is to discuss and agree on each item before it goes on the board.

1. Talk about your savings goals–individually and as a family.
2. Cut out pictures from magazines; print off pictures from online sources; color pictures of your dreams/goals! (sometimes using WORDS like “Freedom” or “Debt Free” from magazine articles is equally as inspiring)
3. Find a piece of posterboard and place the pictures and words on the board. Talk as a family, prioritize, and decorate your Dream Board!
4. Display it in your home somewhere the entire family can and will view it daily!
5. Talk about it often!

Examples: Here is a great Family Dream Board example from the Reichel Family!