One Basic Skill

Bill EickhoffFamily Who Saves, Personal Finance

On Facebook recently, we asked the question, “what is one basic skill you wish were taught in schools?”  Overwhelmingly, the comments were about finances, budgeting and the power of saving.  Teaching our children to save is one basic skill that they are not likely to learn anywhere but at home, from their parents.

The best way to teach them to save is to talk about saving, set goals for saving together, and let them see the fruits of  your labor.  Demonstrate, model and encourage saving with your kids and they will find the joy in it. It sounds easy, but here is where it gets hard for us as adults because the truth is. . . many of us are not great savers. And so we put off teaching these lessons to our kids because we don’t feel equipped.  We feel like we can’t do it well or we don’t have time to figure it out.  But you can rewrite history and your family can become a Family Who Saves in a very short time.

The best way to learn, is to teach!  Let this journey of teaching your kids how to save be the beginning of your family becoming a Family Who Saves (and Plays) Together!  In mid-July, Plaza Park Bank is launching our 5th annual Family Who Saves (and Plays) Together campaign.  Follow along for tips and encouragement about setting healthy family goals . . .and stay tuned for how you can win prizes along the way!  Listen to Spirit 92.9 or watch our Plaza Park Bank Facebook page for details the week of July 13th.