Outside the Box: What it Means to be Nimble

Bill EickhoffFamily Finance, Personal Finance

If you’ve heard our radio ads, visited our website or come into one of our bank branches, you may have heard us talk about being nimble. But, what does that really mean? Can a bank really be nimble? We think so.

By definition, nimble means being quick and light in motion; marked by quick, alert, clever conception, comprehension or resourcefulness.

We believe being nimble sets us apart from financial institutions who are often slow to make decisions and base those decisions on pre-defined guidelines. Plaza Park is different. Our decisions aren’t make in a box and we don’t have the layers of reviews and approvals of a large bank.

Not convinced? Still wondering how a bank can be nimble? Here are three things that make Plaza Park nimble:

Locally and family owned

Since we opened our first location in Rockville in 1910, we’ve been family owned. When we moved to Waite Park and expanded into Sartell, our dedication to the community remained strong.

Being family-owned not only allows us to serve our community, but also to be flexible in our decision making. Our lending decisions are made in our bank by the same lenders you work with every day. We are quick to respond to requests and don’t have the lengthy approval processes you may find in a national bank.

Our team lives, works and plays in the same community as you and your family. We have a genuine interest in seeing our clients and community succeed.

More than the 5 C’s

At Plaza Park, our loan committee meets in our Sartell branch’s conference room at least once a week. Our leadership team, lenders and even the bank president gathers to discuss loan applications.

One by one, we go through each application, reviewing the applicant and their story. While we factor in the 5 c’s of credit, we also factor in the applicant’s history, goals and dreams.

Organizational flexibility

Being nimble means we can respond quickly to industry trends and demands. We strive to make banking an experience that our clients love – one that is easy and enjoyable.

For instance, Plaza Park has implemented technology and security improvements for our clients like remote deposit, mobile deposit and chip cards.

Over our century of service, Plaza Park has earned a reputation for our ability to serve clients better by being nimble. Our clients continually tell us that being nimble makes us different than other banks they’ve worked with.

Check out what these clients have to say about being nimble:

  • “They looked at the whole picture. We had unique home plans and the big banks wouldn’t even look at them. Plaza Park looked at more than just the numbers, they saw us, heard our story and helped us make our dreams a reality.” Chuck and Kate – Mortgage Client
  • “We are cash-strong during certain months of the year and not as much during other months. Plaza Park was able to structure our loans around that seasonality, which enabled us to continue investing in our business and grow faster.” Michael – Commercial Client


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