The 30 day “No Spend” Challenge

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Could you go 30 days without shopping*?  No stores, no online shopping, no movies or toys or going out to eat.  In fact, no money spent other than bills and gas?  We know of a family who did this last year and saved over $500 that month! They made meals with that they had in their cupboards and freezer (and they discovered some fun new meal combinations that everyone loves).  They made their own cleaning solution. They made gifts. They got really creative with free family entertainment.   They had fun and saved money together.

Okay, yes, 30 days is a long time!  Maybe 30 days seems too daunting for you, but what about 1 full day? Or 1 full week? could you family get excited about the challenge? What about an entire weekend?  How long could your family go without spending any money*?  If you set a goal (1 weekend, 1 week, 1 month) and follow through, be sure to tell us about it! Was it harder or easier than you thought?  What did you learn?