Traveling Soon?

Avoid Debit & ATM Card Issues While Traveling.

Your debit and ATM cards may be blocked while traveling for security purposes. To avoid card issues, alert PPB of your travel plans.

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Travel Alert Form

Thank you for letting us know that you'll be traveling outside the state of MN! We'll need to verify your identity; please be reassured that the forms on our website are secure. Please give us two business days to place this alert on your account. If you are completing this form within two days of your departure, please call PPB at 320-252-4200.

Please enter the phone number that you'd like us to use to reach you while you are traveling.

What is the date you'll likely begin using your debit card outside the state?

When will you return to the state?

Please include any states or countries you may be visiting or stopping in on the way to your final destination.

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Traveling Abroad?

Plaza Park Bank recommends Travelex Foreign Exchange for the purchase of foreign currency.

  • A wide range of currencies and travel cards available.
  • Convenient choice of delivery options.
  • Order before 3pm CST for next day delivery.