We do things different at Plaza Park Bank.

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If you’ve ever applied for a loan, you may have felt like you’re trying to prove your worth to someone else – sometimes even a group of people you’ve never met. And, sometimes, the people making the potentially life-changing decision for you has never met you, never heard your story and has no stake in your happiness or your success.

We do things different at Plaza Park Bank.

Here are four ways we make lending decisions differently from the other banks:

Our decision makers are local

You know that Plaza Park Bank is local and family-owned, but did you know that all of our lending decisions are made locally as well? Once a week (or twice depending on the need) our loan committee meets at our Sartell bank location and we discuss each loan application individually.

This differs from large, national banks who often fax the lending application to a home office, sometimes states away, and wait to hear back.

As a small, community-minded business, we have a responsibility to local businesses and community members. That’s why it’s so important that we meet locally where our team knows and takes pride in the business you’re starting, the house you’re buying or the equity you’re putting into your home.

We learn your story

Contrary to what you’ll hear from the big banks, lending isn’t all about the 5 C’s of Credit. Of course, they have a role, but our bankers at Plaza Park want to hear your unique story, your “Why”, your home or business dream.

When we understand how the loan has the potential to change your story – and our community – your banker is able to be your advocate and share your story with the loan committee.

We’re a small, intimate group

When we meet to discuss your loan and your story, it’s not with 50 people in a large conference room where we pound a red “Approved” or “Denied” stamp on your application.

We have a small, intimate group of lending professionals that are empowered to make decisions based on more than just the numbers on the application.

Your personal lender or business banker serves on the loan committee and represents you and your story. We share your story because we believe that sometimes the numbers on the application aren’t as compelling as your mission, your vision or your story.

We’re creative (within legal limits, of course)

Our clients tell us that one of the reasons they love banking with us is because of our flexibility and creativity when it comes to their loan needs.

For instance, Michael Hornung who owns Valley Green, describes his lending needs as “unique” in that his business is highly seasonal, which results in varied cash-flow at different times of the year. Michael shares that Jim Schleper, a Business Banker at Plaza Park, went out of his way to advocate for him and provide loan terms that fit the seasonality of his business.

We hear these types of stories over and over again from our clients.

Because of our locality and family-ownership, we’re often able to provide creative terms that help our clients achieve their financial goals.

When you’re passionate about starting a business or buying your dream home, don’t settle for a bank that judges you based on a stringent set of parameters. Work with a bank you can have a relationship with – a banker you want to be friends with.

Be more than just a number.

Connect with one of our Personal Lenders.